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What is Total Airways Distance Between Delhi to Patna?

However, the shortest flight time from Delhi to Patna is 1 hour and 30 minutes, and the distance is 853 kilometer’s. Between Delhi to Patna, there are numerous flights and airlines. Come down after a month's notice, which frees us from waiting in line at the airport or stressing about getting one in time. Because of this, to receive the best deal, make your reservations at least one month beforehand.

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Know more about Patna

India's Bihar state has Patna as its capital and largest city. Following Kolkata, it is the largest city in east India. On the Ganges River's banks is the city of Patna. In Patna, the Ganges River is fed by the rivers Gandak, Sone, and Punpun. It was formerly known as Patliputra and is now the location of numerous religious sites. Sugarcane, sesame, grains, and Patna rice with medium grains are the main exports from Patna.Agam Kuan, Golgarh, Khuda Baksh, Oriental Library, Har Mandir, and Padri-Ki-Haveli (a church) are among the city's top tourist attractions. Anga, Vujj, Mithila, and Bhojpur are some weekend escapes nearby Patna. November through March are the ideal months to visit Patna. Numerous holy sites can be found in Patna, which is popular with tourists all year round. There are two terminals at this airport, which accommodate both domestic and foreign carriers. Discover the most affordable Patna flight tickets on One Click Travel, and book your flights with advantages like fast confirmation, the lowest convenience charge, an airfare calendar, and simple cancellation/refund procedures.

Know more about Delhi

The capital of India and a key entry point into the nation, Delhi is also a culinary wonderland, a tourism Mecca, and a treat for the eyes. The majority of Muslim dynasties that governed starting in the 12th century had their capital in Delhi. Delhi is a palimpsest that embodies the intricacies, contradictions, beauty, and dynamism of a city where the past and present coexist. Several dynasties ruled the city, the majority of which left behind a number of magnificent monuments. The city's character has been enhanced by the diverse cultural influences incorporated into daily life, resulting in a stunning, enthralling, and gratifying urban setting. you can easily book cheap flights from New Delhi to Patna.

In addition to being a city, Delhi is also a book that tells the tale of India. The city was created and destroyed seven times, and it has seen many of the significant events that helped to shape contemporary India. The principal airport that transports passengers to and from the National Capital Region is Indira Gandhi International Airport. The distance between the airport and the city center is 16 kilometer’s. There are two terminals at this airport, which manages both domestic and international flights. Find the most affordable flights to Delhi on one click travel, and reserve your tickets with perks like quick confirmation, the lowest convenience charge, an airfare calendar, and simple cancellation/refund procedures